Senior Executives Believe Large Organisations Have a Better Work-Life Balance

New research by specialist executive search and interim management company, Norrie Johnston Recruitment (NJR), has revealed that 68% of senior executives think large companies offer a better work-life balance than SMEs.

The research, which forms part of NJR’s guide: The SME Recruitment Challenge, also found that nearly all respondents (95%) felt a good work life balance is important to them. It is therefore unsurprising that only 16% of the senior executives who participated in the research want to work for a small business, given the negative perceptions regarding work-life balance. This presents a challenge for SMEs as they seek to attract and recruit the best senior talent.

Graham Oates, Chief Executive of Norrie Johnston Recruitment, comments: “I find the results of the survey very surprising. I speak to candidates on a regular basis who tell me that a key benefit of working for an SME is the flexibility that comes with the role. This, coupled with the positive career opportunities individuals are presented with at smaller companies should make them really attractive employers.

As many senior executives seem to have a negative perception of SMEs, it is unsurprising these organisations find recruitment a challenge, particularly when it comes to searching for senior candidates.”

Recognising this challenge, NJR has developed a free guide: The SME Recruitment Challenge. The guide contains advice from six experts who provide their thoughts on what SMEs need to do to make themselves as attractive as possible to potential top level recruits.

Graham adds: “For SMEs still struggling to attract the best and brightest talent, we’ve also developed a dedicated recruitment service for smaller companies. It offers all the tools and techniques that the biggest employer brands have access to but in a flexible, affordable package. This new approach will make it easier and more feasible for SMEs to access the same recruitment support that large companies take for granted.”

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