Recruitment Priorities for 2019/20

As we head into a new financial year, we asked key HR decision makers in the UK what their biggest recruitment priorities are for the next twelve months.

As budgets remain tight amid continuing Brexit uncertainty, it comes as no surprise that reducing recruitment costs was flagged as the number one priority for HR professionals over the next year, with 39 percent raising this as a key challenge. With some suggesting that the cost of staff turnover is upwards of £30,000 per employee, a move towards more streamlined, targeted recruitment strategies is a trend that shows no sign of going away.

This is closely followed by succession planning, with 34 percent of HR professionals planning to create a strong succession plan as a priority this year. We know from our own research that as many as 46% of UK businesses don’t currently have a good succession plan in place and, of those that do, most are incomplete. A succession plan is vital in order to minimise the potentially devastating impact the sudden departure of a senior team member can have on a business, so it is positive to see organisations placing increasing emphasis on this for 2019.

Other key priorities include accelerating the recruitment process (32 percent), enabling more flexible working (31 percent), getting better at attracting top talent (30 percent), improving the onboarding process (25 percent) and removing bias from the recruitment process (24 percent).

Our findings also suggest that the use of certain technologies within recruitment is set to rise.  Video CVs, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and chatbots to screen candidates were all flagged by HR professionals as tools that they are likely to use more of in the coming months. Interestingly though, the data shows that the use of other technologies, such as online profiling and blind sifting, is set to decline this year, with many opting to reduce their use of automation in favour of traditional recruitment methods. Just 10% of those researched will treat automation in recruitment as a focus for the year ahead. Instead, recruitment strategies that offer longevity and value for money will remain a key priority for businesses throughout 2019 and beyond.

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