Group Chief Executive Officer

Our client is a privately owned Civil Engineering Group based in Ghana. Due to restructuring, an exciting opportunity has been created for a Group CEO.

Group Chief Executive Officer – based Accra, Ghana

Remuneration: Negotiable Salary + Bonus + Full Expat Package (incl relocation, accommodation, company vehicle, driver, security, domestic help, flights, etc).

The Opportunity:
The Group CEO will be responsible for the overall growth and strategic direction of the Group. You will be expected to drive an organisational / attitudinal change within the Group in order to set up effective and internationally accepted systems that would improve productivity amongst staff and increase revenue.
The Group CEO would be responsible for leading teams to deliver quality projects on time and to provide direction to enable the Board carry out its governance functions. You will be expected to lead by personal example and encourage employees to conduct their activities in accordance with applicable laws, the Group’s standards and policies, including its environmental, safety and health policies.

Key Duties / Responsibilities:
Mission, Policy and Planning

  • Assist the Board to achieve the Group’s values, vision, and short and long term goals.
  • Assist the Board to formulate new mission
  • Assist the Board in setting KPIs for key management to help monitor and evaluate the Group’s effectiveness and results.
  • Keep the Board informed of all important issues within the Group.
  • Identify problems and opportunities concerning the subsidiaries and addresses them whilst bringing those appropriate to the Board and or its Committees.
  • Inform the Board about trends, issues, problems and activities in order to facilitate policy making.
  • Plan effectively to enable the subsidiaries attain their goals.

Management and Administration

  • Manage the day to day activities and operations of the subsidiaries.
  • Develop and implement control systems and procedures and regular evaluation to appreciable and acceptable standards.
  • Create an environment that recruits, retains, supports, motivates and evaluates quality staff.
  • Ensure that appropriate salary structures are developed and maintained.
  • Institute effective systems for maximum productivity.
  • Act as the interface between the Board and Management.


  • Promote the production and delivery of products and services in a cost effective manner whilst maintain an acceptable level of quality.
  • Oversee the fiscal activities of the Group including budgeting, reporting and auditing.
  • Recommend yearly Budgets for Board approval and prudently manage resources within those Budgets.
  • Assess principal risks of the Company and ensure that these risks are monitored and managed.
  • Ensure effective internal controls and management information systems are in place.
  • Work with the Board to ensure financing to support short and long term goals.


  • Work with the Board Officers and Committee Chairpersons to get the best thinking and involvement of each Board Member and to stimulate the Board member to give his or her best.
  • Recommend members to participate in the Board or its Committees.
  • Manage the Board’s due diligence process to ensure timely attention to core issues.
  • Work in concert with the Board Chairman to develop Board agendas.
  • Work in concert with the Board Chairman to determine the date, time and location of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and to develop the agenda for the meeting.
  • Request for special meetings of the board when appropriate.
  • Sit on Board Committees where appropriate as determined by the Board.

Community relations

  • Act as an advocate within the Public and Private sectors for issues related to the Group.
  • Ensure that the Group undertakes its Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Communicate effectively with the Shareholder, the Board, employees, Government authorities, the public and other stakeholders

Ideal Candidate Profile:

  • British ex pat with previous experience of working in Africa
  • Strong engineering background – 10-15 years experience gained in similar environment / sector
  • Masters degree (or equivalent)
  • Strong management and leadership experience
  • Experience of re-structuring management teams
  • Excellent negotiation / presentations and leadership skills

This is a high profile and demanding position based on full responsibility for the Group’s operations. The successful candidate will need to balance multiple tasks simultaneously and make rapid decisions regarding administrative issues. The position will involve frequent travels within Ghana and abroad.

To apply, please forward your CV to: quoting NJR/RC221