Increasing Demand for Blockchain Talent

One of the big areas of business growth and therefore talent demand is blockchain.

Upwork’s year-on-year report for the first quarter of 2018 showed a 6,000% increase in demand for blockchain expertise.  Similarly, Glassdoor reported a 300% increase in job openings relating to blockchain technology.

We’ve experienced this demand first-hand over the past two years. For instance, Graham Oates, our Technology Practice team leader (and ex-global leader of technology consulting for KPMG) and his team have found the entire executive leadership team for a new Family Social Network business based on blockchain technology.

We’re also the exclusive talent acquisition partner for a fund management business investing solely in FinTech and wider enterprise blockchain focused businesses; we are sourcing talent for both the fund itself and the companies it’s investing in.

These are not isolated examples. With blockchain’s ability to transform a host of areas –  capital markets, money transmission and banking, energy, voting, healthcare, supply chain, gaming, property and self-sovereign identity to name a few – we are helping a number of organisations find the blockchain professionals they need.

So if you are looking for experienced talent in this space, please contact the NJR team.