Experts lift the lid on the art of using Interim Managers

A new Guide designed to help companies get the most out of the interim managers they deploy has been published.

Created by Norrie Johnston Recruitment, the Guide draws on the advice of some of the UK’s most successful interim managers and seasoned interim users.

These include William Offen, Group Interim Manager at deVere Group, Michael Phillips, Founder and CEO,, Simon Marks a Gap Manager and Procurement & Purchasing interim and Steve Shoulder, one of the UK’s leading interim operations directors.

The Guide identifies over 20 critical areas where companies typically fall down when using interim managers and advises on how to avoid these mistakes. The experts’ tips span topics such as objectives setting, empowering the interim and reporting through to ensuring the ‘fit’ is right and knowing when it’s time to let the interim go.

As Steve Shoulder says in the Guide: “Most career interims have a shelf life; they do not respond well to the routine stuff. If they have reached a natural exit point then let them go on their way. Do not prolong the assignment simply because they are good to have around. Get good value from your interim and you will be more likely to use the service again in the future.”

A major benefit of deploying an interim manager is the speed with which they can transform an organisation.  William Offen, Group Interim Manager at deVere Group advises that while this is a huge benefit, companies need to be prepared for the change that follows:

“It is easy for a client to dream about higher performance and profits, but does the client understand that he or she and the people around them may have to work harder or differently?”

He also warns organisations against confusing interims with consultants: “Don’t treat the interim or let them act like a consultant. An interim should get totally involved in the project and should be active and instrumental in the results. They’re not there to simply advise!

Norrie Johnston Recruitment fills senior interim and permanent £70,000 to £250,000 roles, using experienced recruiters combined with the latest online recruitment techniques.  Norrie Johnston, the e-recruitment pioneer and company founder, explains why he felt the Guide was needed:

“Having placed hundreds of senior interim managers over the years I have seen firsthand the incredible impact a carefully chosen, senior interim can have on a business. I’ve seen them deliver major turnarounds, accelerate plans, strengthen project teams at a critical time, provide an organisation with a much needed temporary injection of experience or expertise and so on.

“Knowing what they’re capable of, I just can’t bear it when companies get this kind of recruitment wrong. So I thought it would be great to create a blueprint for getting the most out of this incredible type of talent by asking the people who know best – interims working at the coal face and those who have used interims  – to share their experiences.”

Getting the Most out of An Interim Manager is downloadable free by clicking here: